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Beta|Read is a third-party manuscript review and accreditation service. For authors, we help you know if your manuscript is “submission ready.” For publishers, we help pre-filter your slush pile, as well as offer a certification that a manuscript is worth your time. Select one of our review packages to see details of our services.

Bronze Review


Per manuscript

 Review of "first 10,000 words"

Basic "shelve it" or "pursue it" review

Silver Review


Per Manuscript

Full Manuscript Review*

Basic Manuscript Review and Accreditation

Gold Review


Per Manuscript

All benefits of Silver Review*

Plus: In-depth review and report including feedback on: plot, character, execution, copy editing, and more

Want to know if your book is any good?

Most authors have a group of people with whom they share their book ideas in hopes of getting “feedback.” This feedback can come from a mother, a friend, maybe even another author. We encourage authors to go to those sources as well, but how much value does that truly add to the process of making your book submission-ready? Beta|Read is not your mother: we can hurt your feelings (but we try not to if we can avoid it.) With Beta|Read you get an honest, impartial, and experienced review of your manuscript before you self-publish, and before you send off 50 copies to prospective publishers.

Want to get published?

Beta|Read understands the struggles associated with “getting published.” Submissions for traditional publishing companies are bogged down and often overwhelmed and under-staffed. As a result, a manuscript review can take months and it can be expensive to send multiple copies to multiple prospective publishers. Beta|Read is designed to help both publishers and authors streamline the process. We promise a one-month (or less) turnaround time on every manuscript. If the fiction manuscript is top quality, we send it on to our partnering publishers with our “Level 3” stamp of approval.

What if I want to Self-Publish?

Simple, efficient, and honest reviews from Beta|Read can be the key to a successful self-publishing effort. One of the benefits of traditional publishing is the submission process itself. The more eyes that read and review a manuscript, the more the implemented feedback can improve odds of successful public reception in the marketplace. When individuals self-publish, for whatever reason, a review with a third-party service can be helpful in determining the path to success. Those who receive a “Level 3” designation or accreditation from Beta|Read, and who choose to self-publish, can use that manuscript review and designation in their marketing efforts to demonstrate to potential readers the strength of the story.

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