About Beta|Read

About Beta|Read

Beta|Read is a manuscript review and accreditation service. Users submit manuscripts for review, and we offer professional reviews of the manuscript as well as provide a platform for publishers to access filtered or pre-reviewed manuscripts.

For Authors:

Beta|Read is the brain child of writers and readers, editors, and reviewers who love the written word. Founded in 2017, Beta|Read is a service for authors looking to submit a manuscript for publication consideration. Beta|Read is also an excellent resource for the self-publishing author looking for some professional feedback prior to launching their product in the marketplace.

For Publishers:

While not a direct customer of Beta|Read, publishers can benefit from our services by redirecting prospective authors to first submit unsolicited manuscripts to be first reviewed by Beta|Read. Rather than exhaust limited resources and expensive overhead going through a slush pile typically made of 95% (or more) of unpublishable content, send unsolicited manuscripts to us. Our processes help to reduce time frame of the submissions process and allows you to be more efficient with limited overhead-based resources. This allows the publisher to spend time and resources producing and promoting quality content, not being bogged down with content that isn’t ready for consideration.

Why Beta|Read?

Beta|Read is not a “publishing guarantee” or even a “success certification.” However, our readers are trained, audited, and have a desire to see published works of the highest quality.  We seek to play an important role in an evolving publishing world. This includes empowering authors with the tools to give their manuscripts a greater chance of success, as well as support the publishing industry’s efforts to focus their best efforts on the best books. the publishing industry is changing and is findings its identity in a modern world of e-books and the internet. We hope to keep quality writing relevant while creating a system to dramatically increase the efficiency of the bottleneck of the publishing world. We hope to help authors embrace greater ownership over their content while freeing publishers and agents to do what they do best.

For more information on our products or services, please contact us.