For Publishers

While publishers are not direct customers of Beta|Read, they can benefit from our services. By instructing potential authors that submit unsolicited manuscripts to first be reviewed by Beta|Read, publishers can redirect financial resources toward generating revenue rather than exhausting shrinking and limited resources sifting through a slush pile typically made up of 95% unpublishable content. We offer publishers a type of manuscript accreditation and filtering service by a wholly disinterested third party.

Beta|Read’s Level 3 certification is not a “publishing guarantee, ” a “success certification,” or even a “print ready” guarantee.  However, it does mean that your resources in judging the manuscript won’t be misguided or wasted. Our audited readers are trained and desire to see published works of the highest quality, as are our auditors. Beta|Read seeks to play an important role in an evolving publishing world by releasing publisher from the pressures and demands brought about by the largely inefficient traditional review processes. When a manuscript receives our highest level of certification, Level 3, you can know that the manuscript is, at a minimum, worth your time. Our vision is to improve the quality of market offerings by helping publishers do what they do best: focus their efforts on publishing, promotion, and distribution.