Beta|Read Services: For Authors

Beta|Read Author Services center on three main review packages: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each package is tailored to give the author maximum value. Click each package to see the details of what each service offers to help you select the right review package.

Bronze Review


Per manuscript

 Review of "first 10,000 words"

Basic "shelve it" or "pursue it" review

Silver Review


Per Manuscript

Full Manuscript Review*

Basic Manuscript Review and Accreditation

Gold Review


Per Manuscript

All benefits of Silver Review*

Plus: In-depth review and report including feedback on: plot, character, execution, copy editing, and more

Why choose Beta|Read?

Beta|Read services offer authors a dispassionate and disinterested third-party review. While that may sound like we don’t care, or we don’t like what we do, that is far from the truth. Beta|Read was founded by individuals who care deeply about the craft of writing as well as the health of the publishing industry. We are passionate about writing and we are interested in helping the best books make it to market with confidence. For that reason we strive to be fair, honest, and to judge a book by everything but the cover.

Do I NEED a manuscript review and accreditation?

The simple answer is, no, of course not. It is possible that you have written a perfect book that will cause anyone who reads it to beg for one-tenth of your talent. However, any publisher will tell you—and most honest writers/authors will say the same thing—quality feedback is essential to a successful publication. A vast majority of manuscripts that are submitted to publishers, or self-published, would benefit greatly by having a second, or third, or even a fiftieth set of eyes to offer feedback. Beta|Read are specialists in this effort. We understand the very delicate balance of market and genre expectations; we have a tremendous respect for the craft of writing.

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