How it works

There are only three steps necessary to initiate the Beta|Read Manuscript Review and Accreditation process:

  1. Select which of our review packages meets your needs.
  2. Add the selected review package to your cart and complete the checkout process.
  3. Upload your manuscript to our secure server for review.

Once you complete these three steps above, it should take our reviewers 2-4 weeks to return the results. This is not an automated computer process. Each manuscript is read by both a qualified reviewer and an auditor.

Manuscript Review Stage 1: The Order

After you have completed your order and we have received the fees, the manuscript is assigned to a Beta|Read Auditor. Our Auditors manage the remainder of the review process, and each Beta|Read Auditor oversees multiple Beta|Read Reviewers. After reading the first two pages of the manuscript and considering the author’s declared genre(s) for the manuscript, the Auditor assigns a reviewer that specializes in that genre and is familiar with other books of a similar nature.

Manuscript Review Stage 2: The Reviewer Reads

We take great care to ensure our reviews are as objective as possible. We remove the author’s name from the manuscript for anonymity before routing it to the Reviewer. Once assigned a manuscript for review, the Reviewer is given 2 weeks to review the manuscript for a Silver or Gold Review Package, or 1 week for a Bronze Package. Manuscript security is also a high priority for Beta|Read. Our manuscript review process logs who accesses each file as well as time and date information. We also have implemented security measures to keep your creation protected and secure while in our possession.

Manuscript Review Stage 3: The Reviewer Finishes Review

After the Reviewer has completed reading the manuscript they assign a designation based on the package ordered. For the Silver Review, the Reviewer offers a one or two paragraph summary of their findings, as well as a short justification for their designation. For Gold Review customers, you will be given a full report with the details of various character and story elements. In the case of Silver and Gold Packages, the Reviewer also leaves an accreditation designation of either Level 1, 2, or 3.

Manuscript Review Stage 4: The Auditor Reviews the Reviewer

Each order receives a secondary or supervisory review of the review. This is to ensure that each manuscript is treated fairly and accurately. Beta|Read realizes that our service is highly subjective; however, having an Auditor in place helps to ensure a reduction in faults that come from a subjective review process.

Auditors have the final say and responsibility for accreditation designation and the quality of the review.

Manuscript Review Stage 5: Return Review and Designation to Author

After the Auditor has “rendered a verdict” on the manuscript, we contact the Author and provide the findings pursuant to the review package ordered. In the event that your manuscript receives the coveted “Level 3” status, your manuscript will be automatically added to our database of manuscripts made available to our publishing partners to read and review. Beta|Read promises to certify inquiries by publishers and agents as to the quality of your manuscript. For more on Level 3 Certification, click here.

If you receive a designation other than a Level 3, don’t give up! This doesn’t mean that you should quit, give up, or never write again. However, it does mean that your manuscript could use more work before submitting again. We urge you to make some changes and resubmit to Beta|Read for additional review;  alternatively, you can go straight to the publishers of your choice, or self-publish. Our service is not to discourage authors, but to help everyone navigate in the complex and ever-changing literature marketplace.

Now that you know how it all works, review which of our review packages fits your goals best and get your order started.

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